2 solutions : 

- Example of ONLINE Storage Calculator :

        You can go to the Seagate Website:   Video Storage Calculator | Seagate UK 


Once on site you can adjust various parameters to get an idea of the storage needed for your installation. 

- Use the UNIVEW Storage Calculator by following this article :

[Utility] Use the UNIVIEW Storage Calculator 

Today, the maximum capacity supported is 10TB.

We recommend to use Hard drives dedicated for videoprotection, in particular WD Purpule range : 


First, please launch Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge in Administrator Mode (Righ click on the Application)

If you no longer have Internet Explorer you can activate the «Internet Explorer mode» in Edge by clicking on the menu in the upper right corner and clicking on the icon displayed here: 

Put you IP address of your recorder.

Then, login & Password and Validate

Go to "Local Settings" 

Finally, choose the different paths so that you can access them once saved.


Make sure you have write permissions on these directories. Then validate.

You should be able to export your video recordings without trouble.

Additional article for video export

GGM KITIP24xx-48xx - How to export a recording File to a USB Stick 

.rf video files are used at GIGAMEDIA, which guarantee the authenticity of the file, more particularly for timestamp.

To read .rf files, you must use the GIGAMEDIA video player, used in VMS Surveillance Client Program  ( Available Here)

File / Open video file


During playback and extraction, you can choose file format you want to have  : mp4, .avi ou .rf

The DST (Daylight Saving Time) function allows you to adjust the time change according to the geographical position.

By activating this DST function in your recorder, the time adjustment of your cameras will be done automatically.

The changes generally apply on the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October.


In 2021 :


Graphical Interface

Main Menu : Setup / System / Date and Time


Web Interface

Remote Settings / System / General


With Surveillance Client

Main View / Remote Configuration / System / General


Main Menu : 

Then NOTIFICATION and Choose : 

Then Switch to ON.

Note: A tooltip is dispalyed for each event.

Only by night, you notice a degration of image quality of your Dome cameras, whereas during the day, everything is clear

Examples : Blurred image, fog effect, stains...

The problem is often related to the reflections of the IR LEDs inside the camera.

Please check

1- The camera is not fixed well : Check the base of the camera and the glass of the cover and check the tightness. Condensation can then appear at night and then disappear during the day when temperatures rise. You can wipe down your camera with a microfiber cloth and use an anti-fog spray.

2- Dust, dirt or micro scratches may appear :  Regularly clean the camera and remove the rainwater stains

3- Damaged or incorrect fixed rubber ring The rubber ring around the camera lens must be perfectly clean, undamaged and must fit perfectly against the glass of the cover. Otherwise, reflections may appear.

4- Camera Rotation Limit : Most of Dome camera has a maximum angle of rotation to respect and the IR LEDs must still remain visible otherwise, reflections inside camera may appear.


No, you can not delete a part of a recording.

The only solution is to format the hard drive.

For security reason, please contact the Technical Support.

You can use the following link to create an incident ticket  :  New Support Ticket

No, you can only extract a Video recording to a USB stick

Depending on your recorder or monitor model, the AHD camera may not be natively compatible with your equipment.

You can try to switch to Standard Display Mode (CVBS) via the camera joystick. (Long Push to the Left for 5 secondes)

These applications no longer work in relation to your recorder.

Now please use GGM VIEW App

Available for Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ggmview.client&hl=en 

or Apple Store : https://apps.apple.com/fr/app/ggm-view/id1277396124

Yes, NVRs support this function.

R as Record - Camera is recording

M as Motion - Motion Detection is triggered

Une image contenant intérieur, moniteur, écran, assis 
Description générée automatiquement

Une image contenant personne, homme, joueur, tenant 
Description générée automatiquement

Note :  At the end of the Motion Detection, system is able to record 30 seconds after the end of the motion detection.

No, you can choose different layout for live view (as 1, 4, 9, 16 as main views) but impossible to have 2 cameras layout.

YES, most wireless mouse models are compatible 



On some GIGAMEDIA AHD recorders, you can find AUDIO inputs / output.

In fact, AHD cameras do not have Audio.

You can add an Audio input device (a Microphone for example - Audio INPUT) and / or a Speaker output (Audio OUTPUT) for sound management.

Depending on your model, you have the possibility to check if an update is available for your recorder :


Otherwise, you can download and update manually according your recorder model.

Firmwares available in these lists  :

Device Config Tool is a utility for device Search, upgrade and configuration of your GIGAMEDIA Products in your Network.

Available here : https://support.gigamedia.net/helpdesk/attachments/2043066646056

Most GIGAMEDIA recorders have the same interface.

Please see this article on this subject:

How to restore default system Settings

No, Video Recordings will be kept.

Only the configuration (Network Settings, Recording Mode, User Rights,...) will be reset.

You can use our Specific Software dedicated for GIGAMEDIA named : Surveillance Client

Available here : 


Don't worry !

All the content is available in our articles :

- Quick Guide

- User Manual

- Software

- Smartphone Application

- Video Tutorials

- ...

All you have to do is to fill in your GIGAMEDIA reference in the Search Bar on this site :

YES, it means the the Hard Drive is in progress and is recording at the moment.

Normal Operation about the LEDs of the recorder : 

Pwr : Solid Green

HDD : Flashing Red


Step 1 : Consult these articles for the configuration of the MAil sending server :

GGM CCKITAHD - Receive an email when motion detection is triggered 

GGM KITIP24xx-48xx -How to configure SMTP Server 

You can have problems linked for many reasons :

  • Firewall from you Internet BOX. You just need to disable it to perform the test
  • Block linked to you Internet Provider  – Please contact your Internet provider if necessary.
  • Configuration with your account for Message sending Server


Example :

Sécurity for Gmail account

In your account, Choose « Security »


ENABLE: Less secure access to applications


Other Example for Free

You have to DISABLE : Outgoing SMTP blocking

You can see the charge status of your WIFI cameras in the Graphical interface :


This menu allows you to configure video output parameters.

CONFIGURATON / System then Output Configuration

Output ResolutionSelect a display resolution that is suitable for your TV.

1920 x 1080 will suit most TVs. 


If your NVR supports more output resolution, you can select either 1024 x 768, 1280 x1024, 1440 x 900, 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080 to take the output resolution.

If your TV or Monitor does not support these resolutions, we recommend that you temporarily use another monitor to make the adjustments and lower the output resolution to a minimum and then increase it as you go.

To adjust the size and position of the display screen to suit your Monitor / TV, you can also use the OFFSET Scale function :





Valid for those references






+ option

- GGM KITWIFISOLP (Solar Panel for battery camera)

How do I charge the battery cameras ?

The camera battery can be removed from the camera without disassembling the camera from its mounting bracket. 

This allows a quick intervention in the battery charging process. 

Battery consumption: 420 mA (active); 400 µA (stand by) 

USB Charging

KITWIFI2CB provides a USB cord and a 5V USB Charger.

 cord type: Type B Micro USB 

Optional : Solar Panel for battery camera 


This solar panel charges the battery camera connected to it. You connect  the battery camera directly on the USB port of the battery.

GGM WAPCD3 – How to disable the front LED ? 


To remove the flashing LED in front of the terminal, you have to access to the Web Interface via IP (by default : 



Video available on Youtube by searching for "GGM WAPCD3" 







1. Go to 2.4Ghz Advanced Configuration

2. Disable LED button 

3. Apply




WARNING : LED is a visual indicator, it will no longer be possible to check this status of the device without going to the WEB interface

Référence : GGM TESTCAMIP 

2 solutions

- Power Supply is defective (adaptor DC 12v / 2A)

- Plastic tab for battery isolation is not removed

GGM NE08P switch has 3 DIP Switches on the front panel allowing specific functions to be activated. 

2 possible versions possibles : 

Version 1 => S, E, V

Version 2 => E, D, P

Version 1 :

  • DIP Switch in S = Standard PoE / PoE+ Mode 100m Max
  • DIP Switch in E = Enhanced PoE Mode to push the Power up to 200/250m // but with a speed limitation at 10Mbps (instead of 100Mbps)
  • DIP Switch in V = VLAN Mode on ports 1 -> 8 (Uplink excluded)

Version 2 :

  • DIP Switch E = Makes a vlan (sealing between 8 first and last) and allows to increase the range (max 250m) poe but suffers a loss of power
  • DIP Switch D = checks on the switch if there is a response of the ports via a ping and checks if the ports are powered otherwise, it restarts the port
  • DIP Switch P = Real-time power supply and power priority mode (prioritizes the first 8 ports)


Valid for those references






By default, Mode is in Access Point.


and the security key is 12345GGM (or 66666666 according to the model).

For GGM WAPEXT24 and GGM WAPEXTD models, this is Super WDS mode.

CAUTION : Do not enable PPPoP Protocol if you already have a router/Internet BOX with DHCP

What is PPPoE and how does it work ?

PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) is a transport Protocol for the Internet, which makes it possible to establish a connection between 2 hosts on a point-to-point link.

PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) is a network protocol used to encapsulate PPP frames in Ethernet frames. It combines the PPP which has the function of authentification and encryption, and the Ethernet protocol which can support multiple users in a LAN.

DHCP and PPPoE are used by Internet Providers for Internet connection.

With PPPoE, a username and password must be created, which will allow authentification on the next connection to the network to obtain an IP address. As for the DHCP, the IP address will be assigned automatically without authentification.

Do not enable PPPoP Protocol if you already have a router/Internet BOX with DHCP 

Valid for thoses models : 





Password by default : admin

By default, access for administration of Switches are : 

ID : admin

Password : system

Physically, on the switch, press the RESET button on the front panel for 10 seconds to reset your Switch to the default settings. 

Other methode - for web Interface : 

GGM GS20024G2S - How to restore default system Settings ? Factory Default

The reférence starts with GGM xxx xxx

A label is stuck under the product with the full reference.

Physically, on the Access Point, long press the RESET button, next to the RJ45 ports, for 30 seconds to reset your AP to the default settings.  

Check that you are on the same subnet as this one, by changing the address of your computer:

Step 1 : Go to network and sharing center of your computer.


Step 2 : Click on LAN connection :



Step 3 : Change your IP address

Choose « Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) » and go to Properties

Change thoses information : 

Adresse IP address:
 Network Mask :


Do not forget to reset the parameters as it was previously once the configuration is done, otherwise you will no longer have internet access

GGM MVCPLTRI = Power Line Phase Coupler (three phases)

LX = Used to couple another phase Coupler

Waring : The neutral must never be connected to this phase coupler.

It's visible on the controller unit box :

This is a bug related to a Microsoft update (Office Pack) for a Monoposte installation (Micorosft Access).

It is necessary to install the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe patch (Microsoft Office 2010, 32 Bits), available here: AccessDatabaseEngine.exe  

If this is already installed, please uninstall it and reinstall this patch.

The driver is not installed correctly or the driver does not match my device.

You can download this driver here : Drivers for GGM AXDIGIUSB

In the software GGM ACS, Go to configuration du site

Choose the Centrale you want to Modify

Click on SEARCH

Controller appears. Choose Changer IP to modify Network parameters


SW1 to erase memory of the control unit :

- Power off the control Unit.  

- Hold SW1 Swtich while restoring Power.  

- Wait for the blue LED on the expansion bus to light up (approximately 10 seconds) while holding the switch down.

- Release SW1

SW2 to restore factory network settings (IP address :, mask 

- Power off the control Unit.   

- Keep the switch pressed while turning the power back on.


- To configure the control unit with a fixed IP address, release the switch at the first flash of the extension bus LED (about 5 seconds).

To configure the control unit in DHCP mode, wait for the second flash of the extension bus LED (approximately 5 seconds after the first flash).

Release SW2 

When system is ON and in Bluetooth Mode, the broadcast name begins with : PA-xxxx (followed by a random number)


  1. Connect the FM antenna
  2. Press "Mode" button to put the device in FM 87.5

    By default, device is in FM 87.5. So you can go to Step 3.
  3. Briefly press ">||" Play Pause

    The device automatically browses and memories the radio stations of the FM band in the memories "P01, P02,  ... , PXX". The position and quality of the anntenna is very important to have quality of sound and the number of radios received.

  4. At the end of the process, device go back to 87.5 FM , press « |< »  or  «  >| »  to choose you radio station.
  5. Long press on |< or >| allows you to increase or decrease the sound volume.

It is a free and secure software allowing to share directly your computer with a Technician in order to assist you for your GIGAMEDIA installations. 


Each session, a password is generated automatically and you are free to authorize or interrupt remote control at any time.

You can download the free version from the developer's site:  https://www.teamviewer.com 

Or you can use our own customer version : 

For Windows