[GGM GS200 Range] How to use the console Port ?

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This is a method to use your Switch with command line configuration


Warning : You must use the dedicated port (Console port) using an RJ45 / RS232 adapter to your PC and use a Terminal emulator (Example: PUTTY)


Port console Port – Adapter RJ45 – RS232 (DB9) & RS232 – RJ45 Adapter

Access to the console with PUTTY

You need to be connected to  the console port

Find the serial port

First you need to open the device manager 


Next you need to show the hidden elements and search ports


Putty configuration 

First go to connection->Serial by entering your com port, and configuring as on the capture below

Speed : 115200

Data Bits : 8

Stop Bits :1

Parity : None



Then you returned to session, selected the serial type connection you should find the parameters added previously.



Press OPEN button, a black screen should open press enter key then login to your switch.

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