[GGM GS200 Range] - Avoid Network Loop

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What is a network Loop ?

A network loop occurs when a network has multiple active paths carrying information from the same source to the same destination. The information loops and amplifies using the additional path instead of stopping when it reaches its destination. Network loops can cause a slow and spotty internet connection or a network outage.





In order to protect against network loops, some switches can use STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) protocol or a loop detection system.


The Spanning Tree Protocol (also known as STP) is a Layer 2 network protocol for determining a loop-free network topology (known as the spanning tree algorithm) in bridged LANs.


With the GS200 range, we have the possibility to detect a loop and to disable a Port.

Loop Detection System

Enable Loop Detection : 



Be careful to select the action performed (“shutdown port” will turn off the port, “log only” will only allow one connection (via a device) and “shutdown port and log” will disable the port and the connection on it)

Here is where to find the information if there is a loop and the action performed:


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