Uniview Information and software links

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Attached are the user manuals for Uniview cameras.

Generic manual for cameras, NVR and software.



EZStation: Uniview's computer VMS software that allows you to add cameras or recorders on a local network and internet via public IP or QR code on a computer, associated with an EZCloud online account or not.


EZCloud : online account for the centralization of access and management of network recorders, allows the reset of the password, the addition of a recorder to a fleet, access sharing, etc.  

Does not allow live, playback or recording, EZCloud is only the gateway between the Uniview account and the hardware.


EZView : Mobile application that allows camera viewing and online recording via a NVR or set up storage associated with an EZCloud online account or not.


EZTools: computer software that allows camera search and remote IP or password modification.

Does not allow playback or recording.

EZStation manual link

Software download link

IP cameras manual link

NVR global manual link

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