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Available on Apple Store or Play Store

After the complete installation of the recorder, connected and set up with Internet, you can install the application on your mobile phone to have access to your cameras and settings.


To remotely set up the configuration, please read the below guide, you must have added it via QR code.


Please note that there is a Help category in the picture number 2 below, in green. 

This will guide you with the functionalities of the Application if you need more details.



Hors ligne 
Hors ligne                        



Here is the list of options available in remote settings, these options are not necessarily accessible according to the models and versions of the recorders you have.





IO = input output, used for alarms dry contacts



PIR = heat detection, available only for compatible equipment

Remote password change:



HDD / hard drive management:

Depending on the local law, the maximum period of detention of a video recording may vary, for example: 30 days in France.

Auto is the maximum available of the disk capacity



Record Schedule:



you can set up a day, and copy to the other day, or other channels


Network remote settings:


DHCP is for Auto IP selection

In Red the DHCP/static settings, in green: the internal IP for the NVR and cameras, do not change these setting if you don't have necessary skills in network.                               



The internal IP is only for the NVR and the camera to communicate, you may not change it without network knowledge, it might cause a general failure. 

Display the system information:

 Scroll down to display the QR code:

Motion detection:





 You can select the area to detect in Red.


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