Remote access with the GGM VIEW Smartphone

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Application Smartphone téléchargeable sur l’Apple Store ou le Play Store

Remote access with the GGM VIEW Smartphone


in order to have the image of your cameras on your smartphone, you must download the GGM VIEW application on your store (Google Play or Apple Store)

here is the home page of the application, to add a recorder you have to press the icon at the top left

then tap on the list of devices

and press the small cross at the top right

then select IPC/NVR/DVR

once on this page you have three possibilities :

        -    the first is to scan your QRCode on the top of your device

        -    the second is to perform a search on the network (only works locally)

        -    the last is by adding the device manually

once your selected method you fallthis on the next page that will have to be completed (more or less depending on your method of adding)

adresse IP/ID : Corresponds to the IP address or ID of the device (can be found on the interface with the logo in the shape of an "i" at the bottom right of the screen)

Port média : recorder connection port

Nom d’utilisateur: Username used to connect to the recorder

Mot de passe: recorder password

Enregistrer: saves information or changes

changer le mot de passe : allows password change provided you have already connected your recorder


to find the ID of your device you have two places : 

  • -   the first one is on your recorder below the QRcode

  • -    the second is located on the interface of your recorder on the i-shaped icon loacated at the bottom right of your screen and located on the P2P ID line. 

Once the recording has been added, simply return to the live view and the stream of each camera will be displayer gradually. (be careful it may take several minutes if you display several cameras)

Enable push notigication on the Smartphone

Go to notifications and Enable/disable with the notifications button  

You can set notification if you want to receive specific one thanks to the nut button


you can choose the type of notification and which camera send you

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