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How to use RTSP stream from a camera

 From NVR

To be able to access the setting you must be selected a camera and then click on modifiy or click on add if your camera is not already on your recorder


Once in the setting if you click on add please make sure that the add mode is set  to ip address and that the protocol is of course custom, then in custom you set custom1 then clicked on the protocol button.



In this window you will set the port to 554 then you will have to adjust the ressource path to be able to access your camera, for exemple if your camera has the address your rtsp address will be rtsp:// , then save





In order to verify that your rtsp connection is working well, you can use the status of the cameras. If the logo is green it is that the camera or cameras work otherwise it will be displayed gray. 



In additional : 


rtsp://IP address:554/media/video1 mainstream
 rtsp:// IP address:554/media/video2 substream

rtsp:// IP address:554/unicast/c1/s0/live mainstreamc1 means channel 1s0 means mainstream 
 rtsp:// IP address:554/unicast/c1/s1/live substream 

With password

Username: admin

Password: 123456

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