Uniview - password loss or reset

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Following a forgotten password of an Uniview recorder or camera.


There are several possibilities:


1. If you have an Uniview EZCloud account, on the EZCloud website https://en.ezcloud.uniview.com/login.aspx

  • in the list of devices, do password recovery on the NVR.
  • Follow the instructions for recovery. 


2. Via the screen plugged into the NVR, found:

  • the date set in the tab at the bottom right, 
  • Take a picture of the serial     number.

With this exact information, create a ticket on the support site https://support.gigamedia.net to have a daily password to enter the recorder and change it.


3. If you have set up an email address in the system, make password forgotten in the login screen of the NVR, this will trigger an email recovery procedure.


4. for cameras, there as usually a trapdoor on the camera with a SD card and Reset button, you may use this button to reset to default password, please note it will fully reset the IPC.


If, despite this information, you are unable to regain control of your hardware, you can always contact support via https://support.gigamedia.net/



the serial number can be found on the label on the back of the NVR or camera

serial number on the back of the NVR, date :

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