[2023] - Checking network status on a GGM recorder

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Checking network status on a GGM recorder




In general network problems on devices are related to IP addressing.

You have two ways to solve this problem :

- By entering a static IP address (be careful, however, not to have two identical addresses and that the address is on the right network) 

- By activate the DHCP mode (which will put the IP address automatically) 


From the recorder interface

To check the proper functioning of the networks from the screen connected to the recorder you must look at the logo in the form of a small computer at the bottom right of the screen, this logo shows you if the device is connected or not.

You have three logos:

  This indicates that it does not detect network

   This indicates that it detects a network but cannot connect to the internet

   This icon indicates that the device is connected to the network with the internet

Once you check if your connection is not working, you must go to the configured menu and then to network and make sure that DHCP is enabled or that the IP configuration is correct.



If this does not work after DHCP activation please check the connection of your device otherwise please disable DHCP and enter a fixed IP address for your device (fill in advance the IP distribute on your network).




From the web interface

Here, you can change the IP address (to automatic / dhcp or static).


You can also look at the status of your network in system and information you would then have "connected" if your device has well internet otherwise it will display "Failed connected"



From a remote interface


In general if this interface works on remote control (so on an external network), however it happens that the interface does not work in a local network in this case you must check the IP addressing.


GGM view

To access the network settings, you need to access the remote setting select your device then go to Network you could later activate or not the dhcp and change the IP address.






Surveillance client

To access the options you must click on this button (wrench)


Then go to the network settings in order to change dhcp or static type and change the ip address




The configuration interface changes depending on the port if you are on port 80 please see how to set up via the web interface [same interface]

To access the configuration you must click on the nut symbol


Then in the network settings you could choose whether or not to enable DHCP and/or choose the ip address

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