GGM KITIP24xx-48xx - How to create a Backup file of the system Log

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How to create a Backup file of the system Log


Valid for those references :

  • GGM NVRL0104 
  • GGM NVRL0104P
  • GGM NVRL0108P 
  • GGM NVR0208P
  • GGM NVR0216P
  • GGM NVR02168P
  • GGM NVR8
  • GGM NVR16
  • GGM NVR32
  • GGM NVRE0104P
  • GGM NVRE0108P


Caution : For any configuration, you need to connect an HDMI display device directly to the back of the recorder (Monitor or TV) 

The system log shows you important system events, such as motion alarms and system warnings. You can easily create a backup file of the system log for a set time period to a USB flash drive.



Go to SETUP, then SYSTEM and MAINTENANCE and choose LOG Menu.





  1. Choose the Starting Date & Time
  2. Choose the End date & Time
  3. Select the type of events you would like to search from the dropdown next to Log Type, or select All to see the entire system log for the selected time period.
  4. Click Search
  5. Click Backup to create a backup of the system log for your search period

Please make sure your flash drive has been connected to your NVR’s USB port. connue.


  1. OK to finish



Backup Verification into your USB stick







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