GGM NE08P switch has 3 DIP Switches on the front panel allowing specific functions to be activated. 

2 possible versions possibles : 

Version 1 => S, E, V

Version 2 => E, D, P

Version 1 :

  • DIP Switch in S = Standard PoE / PoE+ Mode 100m Max
  • DIP Switch in E = Enhanced PoE Mode to push the Power up to 200/250m // but with a speed limitation at 10Mbps (instead of 100Mbps)
  • DIP Switch in V = VLAN Mode on ports 1 -> 8 (Uplink excluded)

Version 2 :

  • DIP Switch E = Long-distance transmission and VLAN Mode
  • DIP Switch D = Al self-healing mode (Watchdog).  When the switch status is "ON" (default OFF), port 1-8 can support the watchdog function and automatically detects the date communication status in real-time. 
  • DIP Switch P = Real-time power and power priority mode